Hello Everyone!!!
We are officially in FEBRUARY! I feel like January is always the hardest month to get through. February isn't easy either but at least its the shortest month of the year!? haha

Today I AM SO EXCITED to introduce a new monthly series I will be doing called the "Style Sesh". So many times on Instagram you see SO MANY new pieces and new items styled...but you might only see them one time on a blogger....then where did that piece go?? How can you purchase it and style it multiple ways? Well my friends that is what we are going to do on the Style Sesh. Each month I will pick 2 items that I have personally fallen in love with (and that is STILL available) and style it MULTIPLE ways throughout the month. I will dress it up...dress it down....and make it a versatile piece!!! 

The pieces I pick won't be super duper high end or fancy. Sometimes they will be super affordable pieces or sometimes they will be more of an investment. I am really excited about this because I believe it will make my get more creative and more wear out of these pieces and things out of my closet!!! I am not necessarily going on a "no-buy" either. I will probably purchase more things throughout the month BUT I would like to think this will limit my spending as well. :)

This month we are going to be styling my Madewell Perfect Summer Jeans. These jeans are a little more pricey which is why I definitely want to make sure I can style them multiple ways. AND Yes it is not summer but these jeans I find are versatile for all year round and simply put I LOVE THEM! I can't wait to challenge myself to style them so many ways!! You have already seen me wear them multiple times on my Instagram and blog but I am ready to style them lots of different ways. 

The other piece I will be styling this month is the Lace Trim Cami from Abercrombie. I purchased the white and the black. I love a good cami and I feel like it will be a challenge to keep styling them multiple ways.

How will I be sharing my Style Sesh? I will be sharing mostly on my Instagram @absolutelyairs and over on my IG Stories. I will do a complete round-up at the end of the month of all the ways I styled each piece for you here on my blog!!!

SO if you would like to follow along...run out purchase these things and lets get STYLING!