Hello Everyone!!!

I am so SO excited about this post! Today I am sharing 17 pieces from 2017 that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!! These pieces are my favorite that I continue to wear over and over again! I can't wait to share them and reflect with you!  

These are all pieces that are in my closet that I got some great wear out of and that are now staples in my wardrobe! Its like a Yearly Favorites...but Fashion edition! Some things will be linkable and other things I will try to find things that are similar. Also warning, I was pregnant this year but all these things are NON-maternity. I wore some through my pregnancy but also I wore them not pregnant! These are just great pieces!! 

1.Nike Roches (Similar)
2. Nike Slip Ons
3. Sam Edelman Berit Sandals
4. Mules (These & These)
5. Baublebar Earrings
6. Fawn Design Bag

Thanks so much for following along this past year! I am so excited to share lots more this year!