Hello Everyone!!!

Today for Wellness Wednesday I am sharing a little bit about Trader Joe's. I feel like the trend is to share what you buy from Trader Joe's and actually this is a trend I can be on board with because I am always curious as well!!! I love seeing what people buy from there! It is so fun to try new things from TJ's. They always have really great stuff!! I will say straight up: I AM NOT the healthiest eater on the planet. I am not vegan. vegetarian. dairy-free. gluten-free. I don't always have the cleanest diet. I like what I like and I am happy with that. I said this in my first Wellness Wednesday. I eat everything in moderation. I do not over eat and I try to limit my intake of the junk. But I do have a little chocolate every day :)

So today make sure to head over to my IG @absolutelyairs because I will be sharing a little haul of some things I recently picked up at Trader Joe's. 

On here I am sharing my TOP 5 favorite finds from Trader Joe's!!! SO let's get started!

1. Produce. I find that a lot of their produce is really fresh and really good and reasonably priced. I ESPECIALLY love their avocados. I don't know why but they are always the best!!

2. Flowers. I ABSOLUTELY love their flowers!! This is random but they are always so much more affordable than other grocery stores and they always have great arrangements! I always buy my flowers from here.

3. Tomato-Basil Pasta Sauce. This past TJ run they were completely OUT of my Tomato-Basil Pasta Sauce. I feel like this has never happened. BUT I will do more random Trader Joe's hauls and share this pasta sauce. Its my absolute fave and Its really the only pasta sauce we buy now.

4. Hold-The-Cone Ice Cream Cones. This was a recent discover from my mom. She picked these up ...and then I did....and Im addicted. haha I seriously eat one a night. BUT they are the perfect size! Its not too much and not too little. Its the perfect size to satisfy my sweet tooth:) I heard they have peppermint ones around the holidays and I AM SO bummed I missed that because me and peppermint have a thing.

5. Multigrain Frozen Waffles. These are delicious but this isn't even a favorite of mine. It is a favorite of my son!! Eli literally asks for one everyday!! Now we don't give him one everyday but he seriously loves these waffles...he calls them "big toast". I actually like these better than the regular ones or the gluten-free ones. 

There are lots of other goodies we buy! I will do random hauls in the future of what I buy on my IG stories as well! Make sure to head over to my IG stories today and see what I am sharing!