Today we are starting a new journey called Wellness Wednesday. I probably won't do this EVERY Wednesday but I thought it would be fun to incorporate some Fitness and Wellness content into my blog! 

Lets just start here. I just had a baby about 6 weeks ago. My second. and let. me. tell. you. I am out of shape. This second kid really did a number to my body and it is not bouncing back like it did with Eli. With Eli I was pretty lucky and my body bounced back extremely fast. Now I need to give myself grace. I had a baby ONLY 6 weeks ago but with Eli I was back to my normal weight within a matter of 2 weeks. SOOOO compared to my first experience...we have some work to do. 

I am SO motivated to get back into shape. I want my bod back. Actually for Christmas my husband and I pulled the trigger on a really nice elliptical. I have already started to workout again but I am going at it VERY slowly. I don't want to push myself too quick and injure myself. My core is so mooshy and...no abs. Not sure where those abs went but they are not there and I am ready for them to come back. 

Anyways, getting started is the hardest part and for me it has always been there. I have ALWAYS been a crazy working out person and its always been part of my routine. I have always craved working out. Therefore I know once I get back into it, I won't stop. I just have to start. 
I am not following a regimen, I am not following some program. I am not cutting out food groups. 

I am simply getting back into the routine that I was once in. 

Here are some of my plans for my fitness journey:

1. Get Your BOOTY moving. Working out regularly and getting it back into the daily routine. I plan to work out 5 to 6 days a week. Right now its very minimal. I am simply doing 20-30 minutes on the elliptical and stretching. I want to start with that and then slowly add some muscle building conditioning back into the routine. I will also slowly add running in there. My plan is don't push it for 2 reason. 1. To not injure myself and 2. To not do too much too fast and get burnt out. 

2. Eat Healthy But Not Deprive. I am not one of these girls that cuts out food groups. I don't cut sugar, caffeine, the occasional junk food (pizza is my life friends) I just can't. Everytime I do, I am either a total crab or I go crazy and eat it all after depriving myself. SO my mom always said: Food is Fuel For The Body. Everything in Moderation. I will listen to my body. Give the fuel it needs. and if that means an occasional piece of chocolate or a cookie. I am not saying no. 

3. Drink Water...and A lot of it. I was realllllly good about this during BOTH my pregnancies. I completely cut out caffeine in both pregnancies as well. I pretty much just drank water. I found myself creating the habit of drinking a lot of water so I am determined to continue it. As far as the caffeine thing, I am actually extremely sensitive to caffeine but I find it helps especially with having a newborn. So I will have my one cup of coffee a day :)

4. Breastfeed. Sorry this one won't work for everyone but I will of breastfeeding my sweet little one :) I know this helped when I had Eli shed those pounds. I nursed him until he was 1. So I plan to continue breastfeeding this little chica as well :)

5.  Happiness is KEY. I find that enjoying life is the best weight shredder. I know that my booty will be back because I am pretty darn motivated. I have to tell myself it will take a little time. I don't want that to bring myself down mentally. Be happy. Enjoy life. Be happy with yourself. I know its hard to reach any goal if you don't have contentment with yourself :)


There it is my friends. Lets Go Get Moving!