Hello Everyone!!!

Happy Tuesday and today we are talking a little skincare. The BareMinerals Dirty Detox has been such an amazing mask for me lately. The postpartum/dead of winter breakouts have begun for me. I get these stubborn hormonal breakouts that want to come and linger...but NO MORE. The Dirty Detox is a green detoxifying mud mask. It really detox and pulls all the gunk out of my skin! Think Ninja Turtle when you apply. This mask in enriched with charcoal that purifies the skin and papaya enzymes that leave the skin glowing and vibrant!

Lets quickly talk about this little kit called the Masks Essentials Duo in the photo tagged along with the Dirty Detox mask....IM OBSESSED. I kind of thought...its a brush and a cloth. Why do I need that for applying a mask? I can just apply with my fingers. While, yes yes you can do that....this just literally blew me away hahaha. I can not apply ANY mask now without. It is the perfect size and shape to evenly apply any mask. It makes life so much simpler and I never even knew it. This cloth...again GAME. CHANGER. The cloth has waffle texture that isn't even soft or comforting to the skin. It literally just glides the mask off my skin in one wipe! No more rubbing and tugging at the skin!! This cloth, especially for thicker mud masks like Dirty Detox, is AMAZING! 

Again be a little "boujee" and treat yourself. It's not an essential but if you are into masking like myself...its a great little treat :)