Hello Everyone!!!

Today I am sharing a postpartum update on how Rory and I are doing. So we are almost at the 2 month mark! I can't believe it! Actually Friday she will be 2 months!!! I can't believe it! It has flown by maybe even faster than it felt with Eli!

I have to say I feel like I fell into a routine with Rory a LOT easier and quicker than I did with Eli. I felt more confident as a mom. Nursing has been really easy with her but we have had some bumps along the way. If you would like a post just on breastfeeding and how we have done with that I can share our experience on that.

Rory just had her 6 week appointment and shes growing like a weed!! Shes 11lbs 8oz. and 22.5 inches already!

I will say our daily routine and schedule has been good but a little different everyday because of my work schedule. I haven't been able to keep a rigid routine with her as well but she adapts really well to whatever is going on. I find its harder with the second in general to keep as rigid of a schedule.

We have also had a little struggle with reflux. It doesn't seem to be horrible but we had a week there where projectile vomitting was an every feeding occurrence. It was really scary but she was still wetting diapers and having bowel movements so I knew she was getting something. Her reflux is a little better. We actually still have her sleeping in her Rock n Play just because of the incline. She is sleeping next to our bed but I am ready for her to be in her own room. I think she is ready! She is such a good baby! I just can't complain :)

As far as me postpartum, this second time around has been muchhhh different. My body HAS NOT gone back to normal. I have a lot more weight to lose. I swear I was like a freak of nature with Eli and lost all the weight and was back to normal within like 2 weeks. This time around has been much harder. I also feel like "healing" in general has taken much longer for me this time around. I actually didn't get the ok at my 6 week appointment that was I fully healed. I am not sure why but it has just been taking a lot longer. I do feel like I didn't give myself the rest I did when I had Eli. I kind of just jumped right back into life when I had Rory and well my body is kind of paying for it.

Let me know anything you would like to see with newborn/toddler life in the comments! Whether it be our sleep/feeding schedule or how breastfeeding is going...or anything! I would love to share :)

Thanks for visiting!