Hey Everyone!!

Today's Friday Finds I am super excited to share!! So since the end of December into January here I have just wanted simplicity in my life. No excess. Since having Rory, I just want life to be easy, make sense, and be simpler. I want an organized house without clutter (well I always have wanted that) but my OCD has gone overload.

Therefore I will be sharing a lot more posts on simplifying your life, organization, decluttering and more! I believe this makes me personally live my best life. Having things organized, all the excess out of the house, and living simpler makes more time for my kids and less stress on me. I will be sharing lots of tips and tricks along the way.

For now, I have been purchasing not clothing, but things to get me organized in the house!!! I don't buy expensive things to get me organized either. I like affordable organizational tools and there are SO many out there!!

Another thing I like to do after the holidays is decorate the house RIGHT into spring. Get out some light airy spring decor. It helps my mood even though its frigid outside. I think bringing spring feels inside can help lift those winter blues easily. I did this last year and it made a WORLD of difference for me!!! I have already picked up a couple things this year to continue the spring refresh to start the year :)

Tips on bringing spring into your home will be coming soon and I will probably do an IG Story on what I do! :)

Have a great weekend!