Hey Everyone!!

How was everyone's week!? I most likely my last crazy crazy week. My team has Sectionals this weekend and our competitive season is coming to an end! I can't believe how fast it has gone!

I have been super super freaked out with the flu epidemic that has been going around. I literally have been slathering on hand sanitizer. I just DO NOT want my house sick. I really could care less if Im sick but I do not want my kiddos to get sick especially Rory. So I have literally been avoiding going places this week because of my fear of the flu!

So this week I found a couple things I wanted to share:

First Thing is the Amazon Makeup Drawers I recently shared and found. It is only 20 bucks and it is the perfect size for your daily makeup!

I also just purchased a couple items from AE. Yes I guess I am just going back to my high school days shopping at Abercrombie and AE haha. But AE has Aerie and Aerie has these amazing comfy joggers and this sweatshirt which is perfect for leggings.

Also I have been on the hunt for something to replace my Benefit Gimme Brow. I have ranted about this before but I guess Benefit had a lawsuit on them for the Gimme Brow so there was a recall on them. I found the Glossier Boy Brow has been claimed as a dupe so I am thinking about picking it up. Have you tried the Glossier Boy Brow? Let me know if you have!

Last thing, I have is also from Amazon. I picked up this Bloom Daily Planner. I have been on the hunt for a new planner and usually I have one by now but I just haven't had time. This one is super cute and I LOVE the size. I also like that it has a hardcover so it will last well throughout the year!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!