Hey Everyone!!!

Today I AM SO excited to share this post! I have been planning it out for a couple weeks now.  I wanted to share some great Holiday Trends to look out for while you do your shopping! I am really loving all these Holiday Trends this year! They go all the way from cozy to chic!

Chenille: The sweater of the season...but don't be fooled. Chenille comes in everything now so grab that cozy feel asap...because let me tell you it is SO SOFT!

Pearls: The addition to any piece of your wardrobe. Pearls have been added to EVERYTHING this season from your shoes to your sweaters to your beanies! I am saying I love it :)

Velvet: This is a trend that always seems to appear this time of year and I have to say I never was a fan until this year! I love adding velvet pieces to add different texture to an outfit!

Metallic: Give me all the bling! Again from head to toe I think adding a little metallic piece adds so much to an outfit!

Nubbys & Fuzzys: Its all about texture this year especially in your sweaters!!! From eyelash to the pom pom, These sweaters give a unique touch to a basic sweater!!

I hope you all enjoy this post and are as excited as me about this holiday season!