Well I got a post up this week! It has been a rough week. The sleep deprivation has set in, I'm back at work...and Its just been rough. 

Anyways, I wanted get this post up awhile ago because going through postpartum is really hard. I am only at week 3 but since this is my second time through I understand it all a little better. I thought this post might be great for those gifting to those new mamas out there...or even mamas who have 3 babies really haha but especially those new mamas to be. They need to be pampered so lets pamper them!

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All these gifts ideas are meant to give them a little love and comfort. You know when your pregnant the focus is all on the mother. When the baby comes, the focus is all on the baby but really the mama needs some love and care too. She is going through a heck of a lot physically and emotionally. I thought all these little gifts are something they can utilize during their postpartum days home with baby. Comfies are an obvious choice because what new mom wants something uncomfortable to wear! I thought also some nice easy skincare items. Those Tula Dual-Phase Reviving Treatment Pads are simply amazing and its a quick easy way to treat your skin! Also let's face it, a coffee mug you can't go wrong with...because mamas need coffee to survive ;)

Hope you find this helpful! Treat those mamas out there!!