Hello Everyone!!!

Today I am sharing some recent Skincare FAVORITES! Since having a baby about 2 weeks ago, my skin has already gone through some drastic changes. I was kind of oily during my pregnancy which is total opposite of my skin type which super dry! Well back to dry skin I go! I have had some major dry patches and dehydrated skin lately. I also have had some stubborn breakouts pop up here and there. All that being said...I have introduced some new skincare products lately and I HAVE been LOVING THEM! So I had to share :)

 1. Juice Beauty Exfoliating Peel Spray.....A Peel Spray? Thats what I said too. BUT YOU GUYS This is amazing! You spray it all over your face generously and rub it into your skin and rinse. BOOM your skin is baby soft and SO smooth!!! It is crazy but super amazing! Make sure to cover your eyes when spraying on the face....you really don't want this stuff in your eyes. But really smooth baby soft skin is really this simple. I absolutely LOVE this product!!!!

2. Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream With Super 7 Complex. A cult favorite in the skincare industry which I had never tried! It is super light but SUPER hydrating to my skin! I use this as my night cream and it hydrates so well! It doesn't feel too heavy either. It is heavenly!

3. Elemis  Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil. I have talked about this a couple times on my channel but Its SO GOOD I have to mention it again. Whenever my skin is having ANY trouble...a breakout...dryness...extreme dry patches...redness...irritation. ANYTHING this makes my skin completely normalized the next day. It is like magic. As you can see I have used most of this....and I don't think I can ever be without this. I don't use this every night but when I feel my skin is a little off I use this and TA DA my skin is renewed and revived the next morning!

4. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser...Another Fresh product! Really guys Fresh is so good! This is another cult favorite and I can totally see why! This is a very light cleanser. Its not thick but cleans the skin so nicely! Its gentle and doesn't irritate and doesn't dry my skin out! I use this in the morning! Again...heavenly!!

5. Tula Dual-Phase Skin Reviving Treatment Pads....I LOVE TULA. I think I have said it before? but I LOVE TULA haha This product I was TOTALLY skeptical of but let me tell you....baby soft skin. It does remind me of the Juice Beauty product list above. This one is maybe a little more intensely exfoliating. It literally makes your skin glow. I'm hooked!!!

Thanks so much for reading!!! I always enjoy your support! Let me know any products you have been loving lately! You know me and my skincare obsession....Anything to give me my best skin ;)