Hello Everyone!!

Today I wanted to share with you all what I am packing in my hospital bag. Honestly, I haven't finished packing my hospital bag...I have a little time I am sure but I have made a full list of what I am going to bring this second time around. The first time I read so many blogs and lists of what I needed in the hospital and I didn't use barely anything I brought!

So today I am sharing with you what I am planning on bringing! Also I have a little sneak peak of baby girl's nursery! I still have a couple things to hang but it is pretty much done and I will be sharing a full nursery tour on the blog most likely after she is born :)

For Me:
-ID and Insurance Card 
-Nightgown with buttons for nursing
-Slipper Socks
-Going Home Outfit (Sweater and Leggings)
-Nursing Bra
-Nursing Pads
-Toiletries including: toothbrush, toothpaste, contact solution, glasses, shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush, face wash
-Makeup (Now I never used makeup last time even when I left the hospital but I am going to bring just some minimal stuff in case) including concealer, bronzer, mascara and brow gel. 

For Baby: 
-2 Outfits (Newborn and 0-3mth)
-Hat to keep warm
-Fleece Hat & Mittens (for car ride home)
-Swaddle Blanket
-Heavy Thicker Blanket for car ride home
-Car Seat (already installed)
-Boppy for nursing

For The Hubs: 
-Change of Clothes

I will definitely do a follow-up on what I actually use in my bag as well. I always think its interesting what people pack and then what they actually use! 

Thanks for reading!