Happy Wednesday!!

Welp...I'm kind of DONE with this pregnancy. I am kind of an impatient person as it is...and this week I am especially anxious for her to get here!

Week: 37 Weeks 5 Days

How Many Days To GO: 16 days!

Maternity Clothes: I actually have been squeezing into a couple things still that are non-maternity. I have linked them all below! :)

Stretch Marks: Nope None! Surprising because I feel SO much bigger this time than I did with Eli!

Sleep: Still Hit or Miss like last week. This past Saturday I actually only got about 45 minutes of sleep and having contractions on and off all night..and then last night I slept so hard!

Best Moments This Week: We started listening to Christmas music this week! I am getting so ready for the Holiday season! It will be such a different and special one!!

Miss Anything: Just feeling normal again.

Movement: OUCH! Her movement is strong and jabby especially at night!

Food Cravings: Nothing specific but just hungry a lot!

Anything Make You Sick or Queasy: Nope!

Gender: Girl

Labor Signs: YES! We've had contractions on and off. It happens every night on and off. Sometimes consistent...and then it will fade! I am still 2cm. Just waiting and waiting :)

Happy Or Moody: All Of The Above.

Looking Forward To: I am soaking in every last moment with Eli and our routine.