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Hey Everyone!

SO Here we are with another update! I can't believe I will be going to the doctor every week now until baby comes! So yesterday I was at the doctor for my 36 week check up. She had to do the Group B Strep Test so she decided to give me a check as well. I am so excited that I am 2cm dialated! I mean....really that doesn't mean much but you never know! I could progress and labor is close! :)

How Far Along: 36 Weeks and 5 Days

Size of Baby: Large Cantalope 19-22inches and 6lbs!

Maternity Clothes: Well I'm down to my last items in my closet that fit. So I will be an outfit repeat offender....aka leggings, tees and cardis for the rest of the pregnancy :)....and maybe these adorable Christmas PJ's....Is it bad I am listening to Christmas music right now as well!? I'm so excited!

Stretch Marks: None. I never got any with Eli but I do use THIS for my belly every night and did with Eli as well!

Sleep: Same as always...Hit or Miss. I'm seeing a pattern and I remember this with Eli as well.....I will sleep great for a couple days and then all the sudden I will have 3-4 days of no sleep. I am loving the sleep days and trying to take naps on the weekends when Eli definitely helps :)

Best Moment of this week: Eli and I these past two weeks have had a lot of time together :) I have been loving every second. I get really emotional thinking of these last days of just us two at home during the day. We have such a good routine together and I know its all about to change. Halloween was so perfect as well!! I loved seeing him get so excited for candy and his costume! As excited as I am to have baby girl....I am going to miss these days of just Eli, Jude and I.

Miss Anything: Not being swollen. My swelling has really been awful especially in my hands. To the point where I can barely grip a pencil....I'm not sure why I have been so swollen this pregnancy. My doctor said its just a lot of fluid?

Movement: YES and aggressive movement! Shes will have these crazy episodes that I feel like she just pop my belly open!

Anything Make You Sick or Queasy: Not really this week.

Have You Started To Show: YES. I am the biggest I've ever been. Bigger than I was at the end with Eli.

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: Yes! Contractions come and go.....They usually come in clusters. I will have them for awhile but then they go away. I have also lost my plug! (sorry for TMI)

Wedding Rings On or Off: swollen!

Happy Or Moody: I have a mix of both but mostly Happy actually! I am just excited for this time of year and having this baby girl!

Looking Forward To: Decorating for Christmas. I know its November 1st..but I am doing a lot of my Christmas stuff early this year!

Thanks for reading and joining this journey with me!!