Hello Everyone!!!

I am so excited to share my VERY first Holiday Gift Guide of the season!!! Every year I always share gift guides for "girls" or "women" and I have decided to take a different take on "Gift Guides" this year. I will be sharing things that are directly related to my lifestyle. I am not sharing some glitzy glam things that just don't apply to my life or things that I don't really want or need. I want to share things that truly would be a great idea for my lifestyle and I think you all would love them too!

MEANING today's post is What I Want For Christmas! These are some gems that I think could be given to many of us. Whether it is us buying it for...well us or handing this over to a loved one to give them an idea of what would be useful in our lives. Because I will have a newborn this holiday season, I am asking for all the cozy things. I want comfort and pamper and maybe that coffee mug that gives me a caffeine boost of life when the sleep deprivation hits.

All the images are clickable and shoppable!

Sweater HERE/Leggings HERE

I hope you all enjoyed the first of many fun gift guides for the holidays!!! Thanks always for reading and supporting!