I am so excited about today's post because I am sharing with you what Eli is asking for Christmas! This Christmas is not only special because we have two little ones in the house but also because Eli is really understanding the Holiday Season. He loves our Christmas tree and asks to put the lights on every morning. He loves baking cookies with mommy and listening to Christmas tunes. He even helped dad put some lights outside the house!!! He recently learned all about Santa and could understand that Santa. Brings. Presents! Only if your nice though...haha So today we are sharing his Christmas Wishlist for Santa and of course I want to share some other great toddler gifts!! Mind you, his list is mostly focused on Thomas and Cars because that is what we are into :)

I also wanted to share some really cool gifts for Toddlers girl or boy that I think they would love! I always like finding things to 1. Keep them busy and 2. Keep them active. Things that hold their attention span are great. Resuable stickers are GENIUS as I swear we go through so many stickers!!! Also keeping them active is especially hard in the winter as they are cooped up inside so I always try to find something that I can keep inside to keep him moving...because the kid does not stop! So I thought this trampoline or the big wheel is a perfect inside active toy that can be eventually transferred outside when the weather gets warmer :)

Also not as exciting to them but a great little table and chair set I think is a great thing to give as they can set up crafts, little games, and even play kitchen/restaurant with! It is a great gift they can grow with and let their imagination go with whatever they want. I think a this awesome tee-pee would be super fun for any toddler as well!

Thanks so much for joining us on this post! I had so much fun searching for awesome gifts for my little guy...although he clearly stated what he is asking from Santa :)