Pregnancy Update 35 Weeks

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Hello Everyone!!
Well here we are 35 weeks….actually in 2 days I will be 36 weeks. I can’t believe we are now in the final countdown! I will now be going to the Dr weekly instead of bi-weekly. 
How Far Along: 35 Weeks 5 Days
Size of Baby: 19-22 Inches and 5-6 lbs!! 
Maternity Clothes: Oh ya… I have about 4 things that fit me in rotation!
Stretch Marks: Nope!! I never got any with Eli so I am praying none with baby girl either 🙂
Sleep: Still hit or miss. I have been extremely tired lately but sleep is sometimes great and sometimes awful!
Best Moment This Week: Taking Eli to the pumpkin patch and having family time! Also Eli I think is really starting to recognize that something is happening….he asked if baby sister could be ‘Boo’ from Monsters Inc for Halloween….he is going to be Mike Wazowski 🙂 It was the sweetest thing ever!!
Miss Anything: I miss having my body back….and I really miss not being winded from just walking up stairs….UGH!
Movement: Oh Yes! Actually I had a weird morning that she wasn’t moving…but she must have been napping because she was a wild woman today!
Food Cravings: I actually have had a major loss of appetite within the last week. Whenever I eat I feel so full so quick because I think baby girl is taking up every inch of space! I still have been loving celery and peanut butter on the daily though! YUM!
Anything Make You Sick or Queasy: I have had some crazy acid reflux/heartburn… makes me feel so sick at night especially! 
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: Lots of Braxton Hicks and TONS of pressure!!
Belly Button In or Out: Out
Happy Or Moody: Its been a mix lately. I will be super happy and then all the sudden you don’t want to be around me….I kind of hate the ups and downs. 
Looking Forward To: Holding HER!!! I just want her to be here. Im super impatient.

I can’t wait until she is here!!! Thanks for sharing this journey with me!


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