Hey Everyone!!!

Today I have 5 Fall Fashion Finds for the week!! I know I have been a little MIA this week. I have had a crazy couple weeks with no many breaks to take time for the blog! All these mamas that work and blog...I don't know how you do it! I am very dependent on my husband for pictures as well and he has been like crazy busy too...so with our schedules nothing gets done I swear haha. 

ANYWAYS, I have also declared this week to take small parts and do some things for myself this week. I got my hair done and I am getting a pedicure....since I can't reach those toes at this point anymore haha. I rarely ever take time to do anything for myself and it really rejuvenates me!

SO today I wanted to focus on NOTHING mommy related and just...cute fashion :)

This Abercrombie & Fitch Sweatshirt Dress is SO CUTE! The tough part about this one is the gray goes in and out to stock very frequently BUT it does come in a really pretty olive and blush color as well. SO if your size is out...keep checking! It is SUPER soft and I actually got my normal size small. Its a little tight around the bump but I could still make it work now and it will actually be amazing later! I plan to wear it with some OTK boots! Madewell actually had a very similar one HERE but the A&F one is much more affordable!!!

Talking about OTK boots....I actually purchased THESE this week! I haven't received them yet so I will definitely keep you updated....BUT I actually saw them on ashleeknichols! She has a lot of great finds that are affordable which I LOVE. She shared THESE OTK boots.....that are UNDER $75! I have been on the hunt for a pair in this camel color because I swear I LIVE in my black ones during the winter time! I can't wait to get them! :)

Another shoe I found this week is another sneaker. UH I know, I can't stop with the sneaks....I am finding I reach to wear them more on a regular basis than my cute shoes haha...but I mean these sneakers are CUTE! So I have these in my cart and haven't pulled the plug yet. They are actually on pre-order and from Reebok? I haven't bought Reebok shoes in I don't know...maybe ever? BUT THESE HERE are so cute!!!! I mean....they are cute right!?

Ok Last Two Things....are cold weather related. The chilly weather has finally arrived and my swollen pregnant self is ok with that. I have two things to share...one I own and one that is on my way to the house right now!!

First this scarf was the "it" scarf last year and its back! Its a great basic scarf that is big...super soft...and literally goes with every jacket/winter coat I own!! I am so excited to wear THIS HERE scarf again this year!

Then last year I was on the hunt for a beanie with pom pom on top (because I just don't do the beanie without the fuzz ball on top...I end up feeling like Meg from Family Guy without that fuzz ball if you know what I mean)....SO I am on the hunt early and found THIS ONE. Its super affordable and I love the colors! I am thinking of getting the light grey but I also love this blushy nude one as well!!

Thats all for today! I hope you all have a great weekend!!! I am planning out my next week and getting posts up regularly next week!! :)