Hey Everyone!!!
So today I am sharing my September/October Empties! So I have been NOT in the mood to take pictures plus the weather has been really crappy! I feel like I am ready to pop....and I still have a little bit of time before this little girl gets here. BUT ANYWAYS, my life had revolved around...trying to get as much sleep as I can....and also nesting...organizing...decluttering...using things up....

Its been the worst its ever been haha. I seriously have cleared a lot of my closet out. I am going through all the little things in our house that just sit around....I am in crazy folding and organizing mode in my closet....and my makeup/skincare...well lets just say I am at the point where I actually NEED things because there is nothing left haha

THEREFORE I have been filming quite a few videos on it! Today will be an Empties and then later this week I am sharing my Declutter of Palettes. I promise I will get up some quality posts later this week! 

Also my pregnant ladies...am I just the only one but this weekend started this like mind- fuzziness. I can't think straight...and I can't focus....my mind is like a blur!! Its so weird! We actually had some choreography for my team this weekend and I am usually the type that can learn things very quickly for them and I could barely understand what was going on!! Its horrible!! hahaha Maybe I just need sleep :)

Thanks for reading!