3 Things I’m Doing Before Baby Comes

Hey Everyone!!!
So my pregnancy is flying by….and I am almost 35 weeks! I can’t wait until this little nugget gets here….but in the mean time I wait. Third trimester brings…not so pleasant things SO I have actually made a huge effort this pregnancy to do a couple things for myself. Finding time for myself is super complicated with a toddler!
This past week I definitely took time to myself to get my hair done. I hadn’t in such a long time and it was much needed anyways….BUT I knew I wanted to get it done a couple weeks before baby! It was a nice day to spend a little time on myself and also get a refresh with my hair since I won’t have much time juggling two kiddos in a couple weeks. 
The other pampering thing I just got done is a pedicure! Since I am at the point where I can’t reach my toes…I figured…why not take an hour of mom time to get pamper myself!!! I never did this with Eli but having a toddler and never taking time for myself, I thought lets get the toes done since we can’t reach them anyways! haha
The last thing we did before this baby comes is my husband and I took a short weekend alone! Eli got to spend the night at grandma and grandpa’s house and Jude and I got to have an evening and day alone! It felt SO good! Just to reconnect with my husband. Having an uninterrupted dinner and sleeping in a little is maybe the best feeling ever! It totally revitalized both my husband I and getting to spend a little quality time together was much needed!
I definitely suggest treating yourself before baby comes whether its your first or your 5th. Take some time before your baby comes to do something for yourself! 

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