Hey Everyone!!

So I have been on the HUNT for cardigans. Why?...Well its the only thing I can get in my normal size haha AND its cardigan season!!! So today I wanted to round up a bunch of cardigans I either have purchased or I have my eye one!

I love cardigan season!! Let me know your favorite cardigans you have picked up this season!!

Ok So also, we have a toddler problem we have been battling for the past couple months actually. Eli is seriously the easiest kid ever. Hes always happy and never acts out. I am SO lucky to have such a good kid....BUT he literally pees the bed every single night. I have no idea what to do!? We tried pulling drinking any liquid after dinner but he is always so thirsty....which is most likely the problem. He never wants to drink anything during the day either. Its always a fight to get him to drink milk...water...juice...anything! So we give him a little milk before bedtime. We also put overnight diapers on him but nothing helps. He pees the bed...literally every night! Any advice mamas!? For either getting him to drink more liquid during the day OR to stop peeing the bed!? He is not potty trained yet....which is a whole other battle. I would love to hear if you had the same experience or if you have any advice!!!