Well hello there. I can't believe I am back here writing a post. I thought my blogging days were over but here I am sitting in front of my computer...late at night of course....writing. When I was younger, elementary aged, I LOVED writing. My grandpa was a sports writer and I told myself that I wanted to write just like my grandpa did. I started writing stories and then wrote chapter novels in 5th grade. Fast forward to high school and I still loved writing but never thought I was good at it. I was challenged in my creative writing classes and was placed in English honors classes to push my writing even more but I never quite felt I was good at it.

I started my blog originally to share my wedding. My wedding really inspired me in so many ways. I was marrying the man of dreams and I got to play that out with the design of our wedding. My mom crafted so many unique touches and really helped to personalize it. It truly inspired me to share....but then after getting married I really didn't know what to write about. I saw on pinterest Rachel Parcell and Julia Engel blogging about their outfits. I thought...I LOVE clothes and putting together outfits! I really wanted to share and reach out to a wider audience. My passion quickly developed into beauty as well and grew on Youtube.
I never really thought of blogging as a job. Never thought of it as something I needed to pursue as a business. I still don't. Back this past April, I completely could not anymore. I found out I was pregnant with our second child and I just didn't want to do this anymore. This world of blogging has become so competitive and I have never been in it for the "job" of it. I just simply wanted an outlet. I didn't change anything really about my blog the span of the 4 years I started my blog. I simply shared quick outfits, shared new beauty products I loved....pretty much it. When I decided I was done, I was so uninspired. I was sick of seeing outfits. I was bored of all makeup. Honestly, I hated writing posts for no one to read. 

These past couple months have been great but I began to get a writing itch again back in July. I really was inspired by my clean-out on Instagram. I cleaned out my following on IG and began to start to get into more motherhood blogs. I began completely inspired again. I heavily followed instagrams that had a relatable life. I still have been posting on my Instagram and Youtube Channel and plan to continue those as well. 
What is the New Absolutely Airs? I have SO much to share. I want to share my family. My life. The things I love. I find it so inspiring when people can share their lives in beautiful yet relatable ways. I questioned myself several times if I could actually open up and share....and I am ready. I am not perfect and don't live a glamorous perfect life....but I want to share my life with you! :)

In less than 3 months I will have another child around. I will need an outlet. I will need other moms to chat with! The struggle is realllll with a newborn and I am so nervous with having the balance of 2. I still want to share clothing and beauty. I really value those things in my life because they make me happy....but I also want to share mom life. Actual attainable life....not the fake stuff the internet pretends it is.
While writing this post, I also wanted to share below just some Labor Day Sales items. These are all things I actually own that are on major deal so make sure to check them out BELOW!

 I hope you enjoy this new content....this new blog....this new ride of life!