Hey Everyone!!!

So First I quickly want to state that this tee is SO PERFECT! I would size down though! It runs large but its the perfect length for leggings. It is so soft and comfortable. Of course it also fits my bump as well!!! I had already share this tee on IG in gray and I saw they have a striped version....of course it was necessary to add to my plethora of striped tees. 

Tee HERE/Jeans HERE/Shoes HERE

In today's post I also wanted to share something a bit more personal. So this pregnancy for some reason for me as been more of a struggle mentally. I have had a hard time staying in positive mindset. I have been through this before and I am not sure why I feel this struggle this time. I am not sure if it is the hormones or just body changes but I have found 5 key things that has keep my mood up and positive. So if you are struggling through pregnancy not feeling as though "this is the best time of your life". You are not alone!

1. Stay Busy. I think that staying busy in life has helped me keep my mind off of some of the aches and pains and also the body changes in general. There are definitely times where I even forget I am pregnant dealing with work situations or running after my toddler.

2. Eat Healthy and Keep Active. I know boringggg and definitely easier said than done while pregnant. I have found when I am eating healthier and getting a good walk or run in, I feel so much better. My body feels more energized, my mind is clearer. As boring as it is, it really does work. 

3. Pamper Yourself. Take rest when you need to and give yourself a little TLC. I am actually planning on getting a pedicure and my hair done here before baby girl's arrival. I know it will help lift my mood! 

4. Give Yourself Grace. If you need rest, rest. If you have a craving, indulge. I think there is a lot of pressure to be perfect as women in general and definitely even more so as pregnant. I believe in taking naps when my son naps and having a little bit of chocolate at the end of the day. Give yourself grace...your body is going through a lot!

5. Keep Your Eye On The Prize. Pregnancy isn't forever! Its only 9 (really 10) months. It will end before you know it and that baby will be in your arms sooner than you think! I really can't wait to hold my baby girl in my arms!!

I truly hope this helped anyone struggling. Pregnancy is hard but it is so worth it in the end! Its really an amazing time. I know these struggles can be vain and I always have that mom guilt on feeling these struggles.....but we will make it and that baby will be here before you know it! :)