Hey Everyone!!

Today I wanted to share with you a fun DIY box with Sky Organics!!

Sky Organics has pure and organic products from all over the world!!! Sky Organics picks amazing ingredients from everywhere and brings them to create DIY boxes....What are these DIY boxes?? Well they resend you their handpicked recipes and send you the ingredients! 

Why not just go buy the ingredients yourself? Well these handpicked ingredients all come in one box delivered to your home! The ingredients they send you are generous sizes so after creating your spectacular DIY product you have leftovers to use either for your next DIY product OR just great ingredients for others household things!

Today I am creating the Mango Body Butter. It created a super creamy body butter that is perfect for these dry winter months! I put this in a cute little mason jar I got from Target!

If you love natural products and love DIYing your own products with healthy natural ingredients make sure to check out Sky Organics!! XO