1st Outfit: Top/Jeans/Shoes/Sunglasses/Bag(similar)
2nd Outfit: Top/Jeans/Shoes/Sunglasses


I am super excited for this weekend....not only because its the weekend but because its going to be 60 OUT!! My house has been plagued with flu all week and we are finally feeling better (although I am the only one without the flu so I am scared it will come to me and of course during the weekend YIKES)

I am super excited for a fun long weekend outside to get fresh air and maybe some workouts in! I also wanted to share some things I have my eye on...including a sale at Abercrombie. I know I have been like ONLY wearing Abercrombie...but it's because I've been literally only buying from Abercrombie hahaha They just have so many cute things. I actually just found out they have been closing down a lot of stores. It makes me sad! 

Also this sweatshirt is my perfect MOM sweatshirt! I've been wearing them non-stop! The pink is sold out but the stripes is still available. Honestly you can't go wrong with an oversized sweatshirt any day!!

Hope you all have a great weekend! XO