Hello Everyone!!
So today's post contains some amazing new products from Pixi By Petra which you can get at Target. I have been liking a lot of their products lately and they graciously sent me this ginormous box with all these amazing new collaboration products!!! I was shocked and excited and literally had to rip open the box. They didn't ask me to share or talk about this...but after swatching and playing around...I HAD TO SHARE!!! 

Pixi collaborated with It's Judy Time, Aspyn Novard, Maryam Maquillage, and Caroline Hirons. These group of ladies did an astonishing job! So I used the products in a chit-chatty GRWM/Reviews and then I have some swatches below!!

So It's Judy Time came out with an eyeshadow palette and a lip palette!! The first thing I dug into was the eyeshadow palette naturally. These shadows are more on the warm side of neutral which I think appeal to a large audience. The pigmentation and buttery softness on these shadows are ON point! They blend beautifully! They have a great array of matte and shimmer shades and a wide arrangemet of soft to deep to create an everyday to smokey look. 

The Lip palette is very nice! I do like the color range in the palette. Although I have never used a lip palette. I don't know HOW much I will personally use this since my job is not makeup artistry. If you watch this in the video you will see how I feel about the formula (all good things) but I have to say I love that I can kind of layer these and get a custom color!! To me this is unnecessary to own but a lot of fun to play around with!!

Aspyn Novard came out with 2 Highlighters and a Glowy Blush....THIS you need. The highlight in London Lustre is a soft pearl shade, Santorini Sunset is a soft golden shade, and Rome Rose is a rosey pink blush with gold shimmer. If there is anything from this collection you need...It's the highlighters! These 3 are buttery, soft, smooth, pigmented. They blend easily and you can build them to super intense or apply lightly and get a subtle glow. These are by far the best highlighters that I have tried from the drugstore!! Good Job Aspyn! :)

Maryam came out with these 2 face palettes: a Strobe & Sculpt and a Strobe & Bronze Palette! The formula is super smooth and pigmentation is very intense. Sometimes to me that can intimidate me especially with a contour shade. I did have a little trouble blending the contours and they were a little warm on me. The highlights and strobing powders are fantastic! They were a little chalkier than the individual highlights above but still great quality!

Lastly Caroline came out with this Double Cleanse skincare item. The skincare lover inside was really excited about this. One side is a solid cleansing oil (almost like a cleansing balm) and the other side is a cleansing cream! I haven't tried this yet actually though! I am super excited to and will keep you all updated!

Make sure to check out my video applying these products! If anything is a must, I would say grab the highlighters and the eyeshadow palette...because we could all use another highlight and eyeshadow palette in our lives (I know I know, I am an enabler!)

Thanks so much for visiting! XO