Hey Everyone!!

Two reviews in one week!? I know its crazy right? I received this from influenster awhile ago and decided it was worth chatting about today! I have had over a month to use this line from Loreal as my hair care and I have lots of thoughts....good and maybe not so good!

The Shampoo is great!! I actually really do love this shampoo. It has a couple flaws though. First it claims to quench dryness, have anti-fade & UV protection for hair. I can say that it is very moisturizing! It feels like it cleans my hair well without stripping my hair. It doesn't lather very much which sometimes is a good thing. I have to say the scent is not my personal favorite. It smells likes an herbal almost Aveda scent. 

The Conditioner is really nice as well! It has the same scent as the shampoo which I don't necessarily care for. It is very thick and moisturizing! I would say fine hair might find this heavy on their hair. My hair is coarse, thick and dry so it drank this conditioner up. It detangled my hair and made it super soft and shiny!! Two thumbs up for the conditioner!

I have tried the Elixir several times. Again same herbal scent and I just don't love it. This is a spray which I do like and it is easy to apply on the hair. I have to say the product is fine but I don't love this product. It doesn't make my hair any softer or silkier. It actually makes it a little heavier and leaves my hair with a tacky coating over it. I also feel as though my hair gets greasy quicker when I use this in my hair.

Overall, The shampoo and conditioner is great! I definitely suggest if you are looking for a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner! 

I hope you all have a great day XO