Hey Everyone!!!
Today's post is a little different. I have been fully affected by the WINTER BLUES. It is awful. It happens almost every year where mid-January hits and I just wanna lay in bed and not move. 

This year I would say has been even more so. I love being home with Eli but this month I have been everywhere but home. I have realized there are some things that can completely lift my mood and they are easy...by starting in your home!

1. Start Spring Early....Still snow on the ground and its -10 outside? Well let's bring spring inside! I have already pulled out all my spring/summer floral arrangements!! Pulling down all the Christmas decor always super depressing but this year I decided why not go straight into spring!? It has completely made my home feel lighter and more fresh. I feel like its the fresh start you expect when January 1st comes rolling in. So start spring early by adding floral arrangements, make sure to have the blinds open for lots of light, keep things airy and bright in your home. It will lift your mood instantly!

2. Exercise. Ya ya ya right? This year has been the toughest year I have had with exercise. I have finally realized why people tend to choose to NOT workout. You see, I was a crazy workout-aholic. I ran 5 miles per day plus at home workouts. Exercise was my life....heck is was my major in college. This winter for some reason I have had to fight myself to get my butt moving! I have never been this way!! So I decided to find something fun, quick and easy for me to do at home. I started looking up Youtube videos and came across some amazing 10 minute full body cardio workouts! Its just intense for 10 minutes! Its perfect for my mom life! So squeeze in that exercise no matter what it is and you instantly feel better!!

3. Eat Healthy...but don't restrict. I have never been good on diets...diets make me eat worse actually. When I just eat healthy and don't restrict myself, I feel so much better. Everything is ok in moderation is my motto. I feel best when I eat healthy so I just tend to gravitate towards healthier foods! So I just listen to my body but if I want a little chocolate I don't say no. I find this balance keeps me the most energized throughout the day :)

4. Set Small Daily To-Do lists and get them done! I always make small goals or to-do lists each and every day. I make sure that I get those small things done even if it is just get the laundry done, folded and put away. It is small but I accomplished it! I usually plan to get these certain things done in the morning or the night before. I make sure that list is completely done before I go to bed at night! I always feel so accomplished with finishing my list!

5. Declutter! Why wait for spring cleaning to declutter? Start NOW! You're stuck in the house because of the weather anyways! Take the time to truly declutter your home. Decluttering always makes me feel lifted and completely de-stressed. I feel so much better when I get crap out of my house! I could write a whole series on decluttering but I won't go into that here. Clutter gives me anxiety and makes my life feel more chaotic and stressful. So declutter your home, it will help you get through the winter and give you one leg up on your spring cleaning! :)

6. My last little tip is my favorite and that is TREAT YO SELF! I don't mean go out and buy a benz.....I mean have something in your life you look forward to everyday! Every evening my husband and I sit and watch our tv shows. Its my favorite! We DVR our favorite shows and then we watch them together in the evenings! I usually put on my heating blanket and either have some tea or a glass of wine and maybe even a little chocolate :) Its just something I can look forward to everyday! :)

Thanks so much for visiting my post today! I hope you all have a wonderful day! XO