Hello Everyone!!

Long time no beauty post. Honestly, this time of year is crazy as it is...lets add competition season on top of it! I have a really hard time finding the time to really get a blog post up. Eli has decided to really just stop napping. Its been really hard to get things done. When I get time to myself I am at practices...and when I am home I am with Eli. My husband works late nights pretty much nightly so its E and Me.  I also can't really touch the computer when he is around because he automatically sees what mommy is playing with and wants to play with it too. SO I get about an hour before bed to plan out posts...write them....and get them done. I could take time out of my weekends (which I do...we shoot lots of pictures) but I hate to take that time away from my family. I have something called major Mom guilt....Does any other mom have this?

Anywaysssss enough of my complaining...I WANTED to share with you all A BEAUTY POST! Can I get an AMEN!? I have been wanting to share my TOP 5 nude lipsticks and glosses for months and finally had a little time (Eli napped 20 minutes....I would put the rollings eyes emoji here but no emojis on the comp)

1. Too Faced La Creme lipstick in "Nude Beach". Seriously one of the best formulas and shades. These lipsticks are so so creamy (which you might here me talk about a couple times here). This is a great neutral nude...not too pink...not too cool...not too warm...just a great basic everyday shade!
2. MAC Blankety. This is hands down probably my favorite...it was forced ONLY ONE (which you would have to have a gun to my head) I would pick this shade. It has a cooler tone to it...almost a greyish beige tone. It compliments my skintone and tone of my lips pretty much spot on. This is an amplified finish so it is really creamy and pigmented. 
3. YSL Rouge Volupte #1....Fancy I know. I really love this lipstick. The formula is very different from most. It is really creamy and pigmented yet it doesn't feel heavy on the lips. It is very lightweight and not cakey feeling. This is probably my most pink of the all the nudes...but its still a great everyday nude shade!
4. Nars Audacious Lipstick in Raquel--This would definitely be my deepest and warmest of the nudes. It has the most peachy warm-tones. Usually those don't work for my skintone too well, but this one does. It is very pigmented and the quality is perfection...definitely a fave!
5. Charlotte Tilbury "Kim K. W." --This is my newest of the bunch and probably the most nude of them all. Sometimes those concealer nude lipsticks just make me look dead but this one has the perfect amount of pigment and tone to it to make it a great wearable nude. This formula is amazing too! Very creamy (ya I know everything is) but this one really sets into my lips and lasts! Some creamy lipsticks can be very smudgey and wear very easily making application become more frequent but this one...stays on awhile! I love adding a deeper lipliner to this as well!

1. Bareminerals Buttercream Gloss in "Forbidden Nude"-- The best pink nude going. All of these glosses I will talk about have no stick to them. They are very smooth and moisturizing feeling. I am a TOTAL gloss girl but I have high expectations when it comes to my glosses! I love this particular gloss because of the amount of pigment. It has a good amount of pigment yet not too much to where it gets gloopy but not too little to where you are like "where the heck did the color go!?"
2. Urban Decay Naked gloss in "Nooner"-- This gloss has the most brown tones to it. It is a sheer but buildable. This is the most moisturizing of all the glosses! It is as if they melted a lip balm and threw it in a tube! I absolutely love the formula on this and this color is perfect!
3. Buxom Full On Lip Cream In "White Russian"-- A cult favorite and for a reason. This ultra-minty formula is the perfect pinky nude shade. It is again sheer enough but buildable. Great to wear alone or top on your favorite nude lipstick. This one is in my purse almost at all times!
4. Marc Jacobs "Sugar Sugar"-- This is my latest obsession. This one has the mintiness but very subtle. Its not overly minty and the formula is soooo smooth. This one has a bit of shimmer in it but you can barely tell and definitely can not feel it on the lips. This is definitely a nude nude...but it literally smooths out your lips! I love it!
5. Pixi Liplift Max in "Honey Sheen"-- This one has a VERY similar formula to the Marc Jacobs but a much lower pricetag. This one is definitely the MOST nude of them all but doesn't make you look dead. It has hint of shimmer just like the Marc Jacobs but has a most more concealery nude tone. It is actually beautiful on its own but also amazing over lipsticks!

OK MY FRIENDS, that is it for todays very long post! I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks so much for visiting! XO