Hello Everyone!!

SO I have been really brainstorming up some posts that I think you all would like and I wanted to link it to my videos and my Instagram as well. 

Today I wanted to share with you that I am going to start a Featured Favorite post on a weekly basis. I am going to post about a product that I have been using whether it is new on the market or an oldie but goodie and really go in depth on talking about what I like about and the results I have seen from the product.

If you are an old video watcher, I used to do Friday Favorites on my channel....but after awhile I felt like I was scraping up favorites each week to make an entire video when really I could have just talked about one or maybe 2 products that really stuck out to me that week. So I thought the perfect place to recreate that was here on my blog and also my Instagram. So each week I will be featuring a beauty product (not neccessarily skincare but could be makeup or haircare as well!) to talk about and highlight! Here on the blog I will go indepth about the product and I will also put up a little blurb on Instagram about the product with each post! (I know a lot of times we don't always have time to sit and read long drawn out blog posts like this one!)

THEREFORE, today for the first Featured Favorite, I am talking about this Tula Revitalizing Eye Cream. Tula skincare has really been a standout to me without the last 4-5 months. I have tried some of their products and I can geniunely say the results for me are real. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether a blogger is talking about something because they are paid creating a bias or if they geninuely like the product. 

Well I was not sent this product. My curious little self and obsessive skincare lover purchased this little guy with her own hard earned money! I have tried a couple of other skincare products from Tula but for me eye creams take a lot to impress me. I feel like most eye creams are a lighter thinner version of a moisturizer when what I really want is something to make my undereye area look even, smooth, and awake. I do have fine lines and pray everyday that some magic cream will make them go away but I know that is most likely never going to happen. 

I have to say this eye cream does it for me. Does it erase my fine lines? No, but it does smooth out my undereye. I feel like it balances out my under eye area. Whenever  I use eye creams that are too thick it creates little milia under my eye and when I use to little my under eyes get a crepey aged look to them. This eye cream balances them to make them look smoother! 

The consistency I find it very thin and almost balmy but with every eye cream a little goes a long way. It isn't just a thinner version of a moisturizer. When I started using it I thought 'this isn't going to work' but after using it for severals months I have seen major differences. 

Overall, I am completely obsessed! Another Tula product that will never leave my skincare routine!!!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I appreciate you stopping by and reading! :)

Have a great day! XO