Tshirt: The Home T, Jeans: Abercrombie, Sandals: Loft

Hey Everyone!!

I wanted to share with you all this amazingly comfortable t-shirt!!! I am seriously in love with the Home T. They have the BEST and softest t-shirts. My Home Illinois T-shirt...is like my go-to pajama top because it is that soft!!

Anyways, I wanted to share with you this adorable conversational t-shirt that says 'Don't Quit Your Daydream' 

I seriously love this saying and of course I had to include my man little man in this post!! Honestly my daydream is being a mom to E....Although never in a million years could I dream up how amazing being a mom could be!!! My husband and I tell each other everyday how lucky we are and how much we love that little boy! I love watching him grow and explore and learn. The best part is that I get to be there right by him exploring and learning. 

Also I wanted to make sure you all knew that 10% of all profits from the Home T go to MS. An amazing t-shirt and an amazing cause. You just can't beat it!

Hope you all have a great day!