Hey Everyone!!!

Today I have another Wednesday Wish List!! Let's face it...I always have a wish list of things I want...its a problem. TODAY however I am talking strictly beauty products. 

I used to talk about feature beauty products on my blog all the time. I find that it can be boring to share one product at a time on a blog post. I do find however it can be helpful on my youtube channel to share reviews of individual products. So please comment down below if you would like to see ANY product reviewed and featured on my YT channel!!! If you are curious about something (anything!...drugstore, highend, skincare..anything really!), let me know I will give it a try and a review on my channel. Don't forget to subscribe if you are not!!

These are some new and some older products that I have really curious about:

Let me know in the comments on over on my IG!!! I would love to review some new products!!