Cardi: Loft (old), Top: Loft (old), Jeans; Gap, Booties: Sam Edelman, Earrings: BP

Hey Everyone!!!

I LOVE NEUTRALS....Can you tell? So a lot of times bloggers like to show brand new clothes that are available now. This post however I want to be inspiration to you instead. I often go in my closet and find old staples that I absolutely love. Then I like to try to find the best way to mix up those pieces into something I haven't worn together.....It is seriously sometimes the best feeling when you find something you love...that you already have!!

So this sweater and top are older. The top is actually a sweatshirt. I really wanted to combine different textures here to have this warm neutral cozy feel. Being a neutral lover...I wanted to keep it very light but by adding different textures and materials I think it gives the look appealing. 

So I hope this was inspiration to go in your closet and mix up your never know you could find a new go-to outfit :)

Thanks so much for visiting! Have a great day!