Hey Everyone!!

Today I am sharing another installment of the Makeup Collection + Declutter video series. Today I am showing you all my eyeshadows!!! I have big palettes, small palettes, single eyeshadows and some pigments!!! 

This is my collection...There is definitely a need to get rid of excess I don't want or even use in my life. I loveeee the declutter. It is so satisfying to me to get rid of excess junk that is not serving purpose in my life. Whether it is with makeup...clothing...household items. I am constantly decluttering. I am glad to share this series with my makeup with you because makeup is so much fun....and I own way too much!!

I have linked in the description of the video the other 2 videos of Bronzers/Highlights and Blushes from my Makeup Collection/Decluttering series!!

I hope you all enjoy!!!
Have a great day!