Hello Everyone!!!

Today I am sharing with you such a special post. I wanted to talk about mommy life and a special little piece. 

This is the Stella & Dot Signature Engraveable Bar Necklace. I wanted to share this special piece that holds so much sentimental value. I received the Signature Engraveable Bar necklace courtesy of Stella & Dot with the birth date of my son Eli on March 22nd, 2015. This piece is the gold-plated brass but it is also available in sterling silver. This necklace has superb quality and is also perfect for layering. I have really enjoyed delicate necklaces that you can layer with. 

This is a piece that I will wear daily. There are so many pieces you can wear in stylish ways with certain outfits but this piece in particular can go with whatever you wear, everyday.  Its a sentimental pieces not only for moms, but for any special occasion. It also can be the perfect gift to anyone special in your life (or even to yourself!!!)

As for mom life, my life is about to take a turn for a little bit and I thought I would share it with you. My son just entered into his 6 month of life and for the most part I have been home. I have worked very part-time 2-3 days a week for 4-5 hours at a time. I have recently been offered a maternity leave teaching position for 8 weeks at an amazing high school. I am sooo grateful for the opportunity as my teaching career got left in the dust many years ago with the awful availability for teaching jobs.

So tomorrow, I will enter into a full-time teacher/full-time mommy position for the first time. I am beyond nervous to leave my little one...with constant worries of: Will he still know me as mom?, Will he get enough milk (as I am still nursing/pumping)?, Will I miss out on special moments?

As these thoughts fill my mind, I know he will be just fine as this job is only temporary. For those of you working mommys out there....I need your advice, help and support!

This Stella & Dot piece will be worn every single day and when I am away from my little one I be reminded of him and this day and how lucky I am to be Eli's mom :)

Thanks so much for joining me on this special post!!!

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