Hey Everyone!!!

Today I am sharing the new Loreal La Palette Nude 1. This palette is totally brand new but it is newer. The drugstore has been lacking in the eyeshadow palette department. When I saw they were launching this, I don't know why....I just had no interest. A neutral warm palette that I have 10 of already just didn't interest me. 

After I received this, I can't believe I passed this up the first time!! WHAT ....this palette pleasantly surprised me!! I can't believe the quality especially for the drugstore. 

Is this the best palette....no.....but for the drugstore and the price you pay...its perfect. If you are: new to makeup, younger in middle school/high school, not a makeup hoarder like myself and many other youtubers....this palette is a great buy. If you are used to the quality of Urban Decay or MAC....you might be slightly disappointed with this palette....but you also didn't shell out 50+ bucks for the palette. 

The first picture of swatches are the first 5 shadows from left to right. The second picture of swatches are the last 5 shadows from left to right. You can see there are some great pigmented shadows and some duds. I am really surprised by the matte shadows. I hate when palettes don't have good blending matte shadows but this palette delivers some great ones. The shimmer shades are really beautiful as well. 

Overall, this palette performs perfect for the price you pay. Do you need this? No. But if you want an affordable neutral warm palette, I definitely suggest grabbing this one!!!

Thanks for visiting!!