Today I have a review on some of my new skincare favorites!!! First Aid Beauty first had me with their Ultra Repair Cream. I love that stuff....I am obsessed with it. If you watch my YT channel, you will know I talk about that stuff all the time. So how could this 5 in 1 cream be better? WELL It has a lot more benefits than just hydration and being non-irritating to my skin.

Here are the claims: prevents/reduces wrinkles. corrects uneven skin tone, it blocks UVA/UVB rays with an SPF of 30, nourishes and moisturizes, and combats free radicals. AGREED. The only thing that I haven't seen MAJOR changes in is reducing my wrinkles. Now I am only 28 so I don't have a ton of wrinkles but after having a baby....my face has seemed to age....fine lines and everything. I do notice it helps hydrate my skin so my fine lines aren't as prominent but I haven't seen them reduced over time. 

My favorite thing about these products is that they are simple. No fragrances, no heavy greasy feeling. Just a simple moisturizer and eye cream that does its job. I think that's why I love First Aid Beauty so much!

The F.A.B 5 in 1 Face Cream is super thin and liquidy. It does have a soft scent of sunscreen but not overpowering and nothing that lingers. It is very very hydrating but I know it is protecting my face. It melts into my skin very quickly as well. I am loving this under makeup during the day. It doesn't break down my foundation or break me out. 

The F.A.B 5 in 1 eye cream is very similar to the face cream except it is much lighter weight. I notice the eye cream sinks into my undereye area extremely fast. It leaves my undereyes feeling plump and hydrated. It also lays beautifully under makeup but I use this at night as well and I love it!

I am really impressed with this line from First Aid Beauty! I swear everything I try from F.A.B is perfection. I have NEVER been sent anything from them and this is NOT sponsered...I just really love their skincare!!

Hope you all enjoy! Thanks for visiting!