ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip + Swatches

From Left To Right: Seesaw, Shimmy, Midi
Hey Everyone!!!
So I am not one to really hop on the….OMG Its brand new…I need to have it…..train but I kind of fell for it this time. These are the new ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks. The day they launched the site crashed and they sold out VERY quickly. 
I was super lucky to grab the 3 I wanted!!! This is Midi, Shimmy, and Seesaw. I was surprised by the formula. They are EXTREMELY liquidy….like water but super pigmented! It is crazy. They come out almost glossy looking but once you apply them to your lips they set very quickly to a matte finish. The weirdest part is I didn’t even feel them on my lips…like at all. Usually I feel a little product on my lips which I actually like….this I didn’t feel a thing. Now I haven’t worn these long enough to know how the lasting power is but I do have to say after these swatches….they stained my hands…for hours haha
So they will be restocking them on the website and for 6 bucks a pop I say grab some. If you are a nude girl…you need Midi in your life. If you are a MAC Creme Cup girl….grab Shimmy. If you love purpley mauves….Seesaw is your best friend!
Hope you enjoy! Thanks for visiting!


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