Hello Everyone!!!
Today I have a baby UPDATE!!
I don't share enough of my little bundle of joy....or maybe I do but I just can't get enough. I wanted to share with everyone how it is going!! Life with a baby is SO SO SO different than I expected. I never in a million years thought life could be so meaningful!!!

There are good days..and there are bad days but even the bad days I look at this little guy and I think what an amazing miracle. Honestly I've heard people say that about their kids before and I never reallllly got it and now that I have my own. It truly is such a miracle. 

So here are my baby updates!!

1. Motor Skills: We are officially rolling over all ways and every way possible. We are getting ready to crawl. No joke. This kid is just a nut ball. He is all over the place. Back to tummy, tummy to back...and attempting to skooch all over the place. He is so funny. He will dig his poor little head into the ground and push his legs to try to get somewhere...and he does. No JOKE. Hes just an active kid I guess.

2. Teeth: OK I asked a bunch of you on social media...My child has a tooth that has popped out. It happened around the 3 month mark and I was so confused. WHAT a tooth?? It is his right top tooth that has popped through. The top middle is about to pop out as well. The bottom ones...are no where to be seen. This I am waiting to ask my dr about. This seems super early but maybe he just is early with teething. With teething has come some longggggg nights, some painful evenings, and a lottt of drool. I have learned tylenol at night can help as well as some chilled teething rings do the trick. Any other tips as he gets more teeth though would be much appreciated though!!!

3. Toes: The discovery of the toes came about probably around 2 months but it hasnt been until now that the toe sucking stage as developed. We love the toes in our mouth. I think it is just the cutest thing!! I didn't know my baby could be so flexible!!

4. SLEEP: Ok You read alllll these things about sleep. Before I had Eli, I was like why are people so obsessed with talking about sleeping habits...there is more to a baby than sleep. NO THERE ISN'T. Sleep is everything!!!!! Sleep training, Napping, How much sleep you get...is a daily conversation that goes on in the Wilbers household. So here is where we are at. Sleep for us comes in waves. We have good nights and bad nights. We have gone for 7 to almost 8 hour stretches to we are up every hour on the hour soothing little man to sleep. It really just depends and we never know what we are going to get!? We are working on the CIO method where we let him try to soothe himself....but honestly my husband (ok and me too) are horrible at it. We hate hearing him even fuss a bit. We try but we are not good at it even when we are desperate for sleep. We might be creating bad habits while rocking him to sleep all night but we just love him and hate hearing him like that. I KNOW bad habits bad habits

Tomorrow we are headed to the Dr. for our 4 month checkup and shots. We are excited to see how much Eli has grown! I will update you on Instagram how big this kiddo is so follow me there @absolutelyairs.

Hope you all have a great day! Thanks for visiting!