Hello Everyone!!

Meet my new favorite bronzer. This is the ever so famous Nars Laguna bronzer. Its a cult favorite by many many people and I resisted for so many years. It had always been on my wish list but I never pulled the trigger. It does have a hefty price tag but I would always go in a swatch it and think meh its just a normal bronzer. 

Then I decided to pull the trigger during this past Sephora VIB sale and boy have I been missing out! This is literally the most perfect bronzer. It has just enough pigmentation for it to apply to your skin smoothly and evenly. It is the perfect tone...not too orange and not too muddy. It says it has golden shimmer but honestly you can not even see the shimmer one bit on your skin.

So again meet my new favorite bronzer. If you have been stubborn and resisted this bronzer for years, do yourself a favor and just pull the trigger. You will not regret it!

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