Hello Everyone!

I have a beauty spotlight product to share today. I am a huge fan of the Living Proof line. I have tried many of their products and really adore the majority of their products. When I cut my hair at a shorter length, I wanted to purchase a texture mist to achieve that messy beachy look.

After finding out Living Proof had an Instant Texture Mist, I knew I needed to try it. I originally tried it on dry hair after styling it with my curling iron. I honestly really didn't enjoy the finish. My hair felt kind of crunchy and just frizzy. I thought I was using too much but then I actually read the directions on the product. It says you can use the product on dry hair BUT the best use for it is to use it on damp hair and THEN style....

So I did and the results are AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE this texture mist on damp hair. Having naturally curlier frizzy hair, this gives me a tousled undone look without looking frizzy and crazy! I don't even feel the product in my hair it is so lightweight. This to me is a win win! I can finally achieve that beachy look even though my hair is curly and frizzy!

I hope you all enjoy this post! Definitely check out the Instant Texture Mist asap! Thanks for visiting!