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Today I have an interactive post that I hope many people will comment on and also comment on IG. 

So there has been so many experiences with Eli. We had so many mixed days. Some amazing days and some tough days. I love Eli with all my heart but we had a some weeks we dealt with colic. 1 in 5 babies have some kind of colic. It is so sad and a lot of doctors including mine say there is nothing you can do but there are ways to cope. 

Eli never had colic horribly. I know he could have been much worse with the colic. It started around week 5 and ended around week 9/10. He would scream inconsolably. It would mostly be in the evenings. He would fuss and strain all day. Not everyday but most days. I felt so bad because I knew he was in pain. I believe his colic was a result from an immature digestive system. He strained with passing gas and couldn't digest his milk. FYI Eli is exclusively breastfeeding.  Naturally, I looked up every single thing I could about colic on the internet. 

So today I wanted to share some things that worked for us and please please please if you have dealt with a colicky baby...what worked for you! Share here on either on my IG post (@absolutelyairs)

1. Running Water....this was an instant soother during inconsolably screaming

2. Exercise Ball.....honestly we still use this. We bounce him and it instantly soothes but not only soothes but also puts little man to sleep. 

3. Sleeping on his side for naps. This helped a ton with his gas. Laying on his back really did not help with the straining and passing gas (hehe) so I would have him lay on his side for some of his naps. It helped him take longer naps as well as pass gas!

4. Colief and Mylicon Drops. These helped some. The doctor had suggested it. I honestly think the Colief drops were the best. They helped him digest the milk better although they cause looser stools. 

5. Music...I used this during the day to help soothe him. Eli loves music and sound constantly so I played Pandora from my phone pretty much everyday. We also use a white noise machine at our bedtime routine and he really loves it. 

So those are our some of the colic coping mechanisms we found works well with E....please share yours!!! There are so many amazing ways to help soothe colic so I would absolutely love to hear your ways!!!

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