Hello Everyone!!!!

I wanted to share with you some baby products we have been loving since Eli came into our lives. I never knew how much babies actually needed!! Click the image to shop the product!!

So obviously a diaper bag is necessary. This one from Pottery Barn Kids is awesome. I just love how many pockets and compartments it has. It is perfect to store literally everything you need for your little one and also yourself. The classic style and color of it makes it "ok" for my husband to carry around as well :)

Also from Pottery Barn Kids, we got this skiphop play mat. It is a very neutral non-overstimulating mat. I love it though because it goes with the theme of his gray and white room. I add color by adding fun bright toys on it for Eli to look at! He really loves spending time on his play mat and I know as he grows older he will love it even more!

OK If you have a baby, you need this Skiphop Portable Changing Station. This is AMAZING. A lot of times when I am just running into a store with Eli I just grab this in with me instead of the whole entire diaper bag. It has a compartment for diapers, wipes and then a changing pad. Its really a great thing to have!!

The Wubbanub aka "Wubby" in our household is an essential for Eli. He can't go without this little soothie. He loves this thing and he loves to grab at the little elephant attached. I also fight that the pacifier doesn't fly out of it mouth as far when he has this little guy!

The Gracco Portable Swing is a great little swing and Eli is well....learning to love it! haha It is portable and it swing back and forth on its own but also side by side manually. Eli loves it side by side of course...he wants to make us work.

The Munchkin wipe warmer is something I didn't think I would need but Eli ended up loving it. I don't think at this point he cares much now if his wipes are warm or cold. At the beginning though....probably the entire first month....he LOVED these warm wipes. He would just scream if they were cold.

If you are having a baby the first thing you need to register for is the Fisher Price Rock N Play. This is what Eli slept in for first 6 weeks of his life. He has since transitioned into the crib but he actually takes naps still in the Rock N Play. This is so amazing and portable for your little one. It is hammocked so they baby feels snuggly and can sleep well through the night. It is an essential!

Our stroller is the Chicco Activ 3. I really wanted a jogging stroller that had good tough wheels on it because I knew I would be running after I had him. This is just a great stroller especially for running and taking long walks. It folds up very easily and the best part is I didn't have to buy a separate adapter for my carrier.

Which brings me to my carrier and car seat. This is the Chicco Keyfit. It is rated one of the top car seats for infants. I am not going to lie...its awesome haha. I really love it. I have the navy one which they discontinued (WHY!???) It is so easy to get in and out. The actual car seat installation is so easy as well!!!

OK So this was a very long post about baby products but I wanted to share with you all what we and of course Eli have been loving his first couple months of life!! :)

Please share with me in the comments what you found as an essential!! I would love to know and I am sure others would love to know as well!!

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