Dress, Necklace (Rocksbox), Shoes. Sunglasses (similar)

Hey Everyone!@!

So today I am sharing a really adorable fun dress that I know I will get great use out of. I have been wanting a denim dress for a long time but could never find the right kind. I love the style of this and how soft the denim is. This dress can is completely perfect for not just spring but every single season. It will be adorable with boots and tights in the fall /winter and is perfect now for spring/summer with some sandals. It is not stiff and the shape is perfect! I love that I can wear this flowy or belt it as well!!

Honestly, this was 3 weeks out of giving birth and I was very self-conscious to even put this on and share it. My body even now as I write this post  at 5 weeks is still not totally back to its old self....but I can' wait to get back into shape...and again my baby is totally worth the changes my body has to go through! Its crazy to think my body was carrying baby E 3 weeks ago in these pictures and now he is here. 

Ok enough about baby but I had to share this adorable dress!!

Thanks for visiting!!