Madewell Spring

Hey Everyone!!

Gosh I have been neglecting this blog so much lately. I hate to see this blog go downhill so I am attempting to at least post once or twice a week. I want to make an effort to get back into blogging regularly. I might even put my YT channel on the backside for awhile and focus on my blog. 
Anyways, as spring approaches and my baby is soon to be here....I have been craving all the new spring arrivals. After being pregnant for this long and not being able to wear my normal clothes I have realized how I really need to get back into my basic style. I want to wear things I truly love and feel comfortable in rather than something I see on instagram that everyone has. I want to get back to classic pieces that I can wear over and over even if I have to spend a little more for that one piece that I wear to death :)
Today I am sharing some Madewell pieces that I am loving for spring. Just pieces I truly love.... AND YES I have already purchased the Ensign Necklace which is an awesome basic but so different and you have probably already seen it on my instagram! :)

Also I have a new video February Empties!! All the products I have used up in the month of February!! Enjoy!!