Hello Everyone!!

So the drugstore has been rocking out some amazing products!!

I have to share this blush from Milani. It is a new blush from Milani called Romantic Rose. They have a new line of blushes that have this beautiful rose print pressed into the blush. They are all matte blushes which I love. They also have a deep hot pink and a bright vibrant coral shade. 

I decided of course on the more subdued natural color. This is a very pretty rosey pink. It gives a beautiful flush to the cheeks. I talked about this in a video and said it didn't swatch well.....and it doesn't swatch well. It looks powder and choppy....BUT on your cheeks is another story. It blends on the cheeks beautiful and is just a great blush when you don't know what to wear for blush. 

So go grab yourself one of these or all of them!!!

Thanks for visiting!