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Hello Everyone!!!
I have an amazing cosmetic company that I am JUST OBSESSED WITH! This is ColourPop Cosmetics. They create amazing eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lip liners. I AM SO impressed with the formula of the products that I got. They are a girls best friend in pigmentation, texture, and application… part EVERYTHING IS $5 BUCKS! That is right 5 DOLLA! 
I have 2 eyeshadows and a “Lippy Stix” to share with you. 
The Lippy Stix I have to share is in the shade Lumiere. It is a matte finish lipstick. I CAN NOT believe the pigmentation and creaminess of this lipstick. AND this color….let us just take a second. This color is the perfect mauvey-pink color. I put it on for the first time the other day and decided that this is maybe my favorite color I have ever put on my lips!!! It was actually created by a fellow youtuber Kathleen Lights…..she did a great job with this color! I DO have to say because it is a matte finish….it does get a little drying but the last power is pretty good. 
OK moving on to the eyeshadows. These eyeshadows are so unique. They are creamy, buttery, gel-like, with extreme amounts of shimmer. The first eyeshadow is in the color “3”. It is a taupey brown with shimmery and some chunky glitter. SO beautiful!! The second eyeshadow is in the color “Sequin”. It is a beautiful metallic shimmer rose gold. 
Overall, get your butt on this website!! I can’t believe how amazing the products are for drugstore prices…..I take that back cheaper than drugstore prices!!
Hope you all enjoyed this review. Definitely check out ColourPop 🙂


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