Top: Forever 21 (Try This), Jeans: Target, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Vestique (Love This), Bag: Coach, Sunglasses: LOFT

Hello Everyone!!

IM BACK!! I had to take a good break from blogging. It was becoming overwhelming with my blog, instagram and youtube channel. I just have been in this rut of not really feeling inspired or motivated. I wasn't really loving anything I was posting and uploading. I knew I need a refreshing break from all of it. I did and I feel ready to go again!

Today I am sporting an amazing fall color palette!!! I am so ready for fall! I just feel like fall is going to come and come fast so I am prepping for it gladly. I love fall clothes. I feel the most inspiration in the fall which the beautiful rich colors just like in this particular outfit. This peplum is absolutely adorable especially with the tribal texture!!

Hopefully you enjoy this outfit and I'm glad to be back!!