Hello Everyone!!

I finally have a new makeup review. To be honest, I just haven't been buying new makeup lately to share! I was at CVS a little bit ago and saw these and knew I needed them!! This is the Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather Collection. I grabbed 2 of the 5 new color tattoos. These apparently will be added to the permanent collection so you don't need to run out right now and grab these. 

I picked up Vintage Plum (first 2 pictures) and Creamy Beige (last 2 pictures). Vintage Plum is a beautiful matte plum taupe color. It definitely is more on the purple side of taupe. This is a beautiful color and reminds me of my favorite eyeshadow of all time Bobbi Brown Heather eyeshadow. The only thing I find with this color tattoo is that its a little patchy. Creamy Beige is the perfect neutral. I feel as though it is not too cool toned or not too warm toned beige/tan. This is an amazing formula, super creamy and smooth. 

I really love both of these and think they are a gem in the drugstore. They really are great bases for eyeshadow or just to wear alone on your lids. If you are trying to choose between Vintage Plum and Creamy Beige.......go for Creamy Beige because it definitely has the best formula!

Hope you all have a great day and Thanks for visiting!