A Pop Of Pink For Summer

Dress: Madewell, Hat: Forever 21, Sunglasses: LOFT, Shoes: Target, Bag: Kate Spade(no longer available…but TRY THIS)
Hello Everyone, 
Ok I have a confession. I actually am sharing a blog of an outfit I really do not like. Not that I don’t love the combination I put together but this dress….is NOT good. 
I ordered it from Madewell and usually there I get smalls and J.Crew I can get away with a small or xs. So I went with the small this in this case. The dress came and I pulled it out…I swear to you it was marked wrong. It looked like an XXL. My husband laughed as I put it on and was like what size did you order!? 
You can’t tell too much in this picture that the dress is way too large because I actually have it clipped in the back. I have about like 2 or 3 inches of material clipped in the back haha. It is such a shame because the dress is cute but the sizing is just bonkers. It is also made out of linen so it wrinkles (as you can see) quite easily.
I then looked up reviews on the dress and most people did say it ran a little big…but my dress wasn’t a little big…it was a lot of big haha. So I am wondering if it was marked wrong. I didn’t take a chance on ordering it again so I just decided to return it. 
So I wanted to share this because most bloggers share how they love this outfit and share all these pieces that look great and not what sometimes DOES NOT work! So I wanted to share an outfit…that well did not work!!
Hope you all have a fantastic day!! Thanks for visiting!!

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